Long Live Free Art! Exhibition | December 18, 2012 - January 15, 2013

Long Live Free Art! Exhibition | December 18, 2012 - January 15, 2013		
Long Live Free Art! Debate | December 18, 2012 | 7pm		
Ahmed Sabry | 2012		
Huda Lutfi | 2012		
Maged Mikhael | Demokrateya w el Horreya | 2012		
Mina Tadros | Holy Heart | 2012		
Moataz Nasr | Khayameya | 2012		
Mohamed Abla | Le Pretre et le Sheikh | 2012

Nermine Hammam | Alchemy Series | 2010		
Yasser Nabaiel | The Crow & The Woman | 2012		
Keizer | Freedom II, 2012

Long Live Free Art!| Group Exhibition

Five rebellious, avant-garde Egyptian writers and painters founded in 1939 a movement that for the first time in modern Egypt linked politics to art - The Art & Freedom Group. Though surrealism prevailed amongst the founders, the group was an eclectic cluster of some of the most important creative forces Egypt had ever seen. 

Convinced that Egypt was “a sick and failing society”, the 5 outspoken protagonists (GeorgeHenein, RamsesYounan,Fouad & AnwarKamelandKamelelTelmessani) stated that art did not exist merely as ‘art for art’s sake’, but rather‘art presented itself as the means to liberate Egypt’, with the defiant use of the pen and brush.

Fast forward to Egypt in 2012, with a newly democratically elected president and a confused society, we are presenting the works of 9 Egyptian artists whose work echoes the legacy of the Art & Freedom group, acting as agents for social change for a free liberated Egypt.

SamirGharib, journalist, art critic, author, former chairman of Egypt national library and archives and currently chairmanoftheNationalOrganisationof  UrbanHarmony (NOUH), talked to us on December 18, 2012about the history of that art movement.MrGharibhas dedicated years of his life to document the Art & Freedom group. His research culminated into “Surrealism in Egypt” published in 1986 in 3 languages and “RayyatelKhayyal” in 1994.


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